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  • Tourmaline Badamche Drops - Singles

Tourmaline Badamche Drops - Singles

  • 8103303B
  • £4.00per pc  exc.VAT

Tourmalines comes in a variety of different colours, ranging from a dark black to a vibrant pink like these ones. This gemstone can be worn every day but needs to be worn with caution as it can be scratched and chipped very easily. With its smooth surfaces, this cab can be glued on a setting to make a ring or necklace pendant very easily. 

Shape: Drops
Size: 9mm x 6.5mm 
Weight: 0.32 grams
Colour: Mixture of Colours
Moh's hardness: 7
Density: 2.65
Cleavage: None
Refractive index: 1.544-1.553
Dispersion: 0.013