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Wax Wire

Wax Wire

Blue wire wax is a time tested high quality, pliable wax that can be used whenever a wire shape is required. Perfect for producing unique jewelry items as well as links, prongs, bezels and sprues. Although extremely flexible, wire wax is strong enough to be twisted or bent to conform to any configuration or angle without cracking or breaking.

Blue Wax Flat Wire 1.25mm x 3.25mm

Blue Wax Flat Wire 1.25mm x 3.25mm, 12.5mm long...


£0.15 per GRM

Blue Wax Round Wire 1.3mm

Blue Wax Round Wire 1.3mm, 13cm long...


£0.15 per pc

Blue Wax Round Wire 1mm

Blue Wax Round Wire 1mm, 12.5mm long...


£0.05 per pc

Blue Wax Round Wire 3.26mm

Blue Wax Round Wire 3.26mm...


£0.25 per pc