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  • Rainbow Moonstone Cabs, Oval, 5 x 7 mm

Rainbow Moonstone Cabs, Oval, 5 x 7 mm

  • 8111556
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Rainbow moonstone also known as white labradorite as they come from the same family. The rainbow variety of moonstone exhibits flashy, rainbow like-colours. The most valuable moonstones display an array of blue florescence and appear translucent rather then cloudy. It is said to contain healing properties. Common deposits are found in Sri lanka, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Poland, and India

Shape:  Oval

Size: 5 x 7 mm   

Height: 3.3 mm

Weight: 0.25 grams

Colour: White/Blue/rainbow

Moh's hardness: 6-6.5         

Density:  2.55-2.58

Cleavage: Perfect

Refractive index: 1.518-1.525

Dispersion: None