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MATT Wax Block

MATT Wax Block

 MATT Carving Waxes are hard carving waxes and they are available in three degrees of flexibility:

GREEN Rigid; cuts clean and crisp, excellent for detailed carving or milling. Melting temperature: 230 Degrees Farenheit, 110 Degrees Celsius; 

PURPLE All-Purpose; easy to work with, good for chip carving. Melting temperature: 225 Degrees Farenheit, 104.4 Degrees Celsius;

BLUE Bendable; suitable for items that needs flexibility. Melting temperature: 225 Degrees Farenheit, 104.4 Degrees Celsius. 

MATT Wax Block,1 lb, Green Hard large

MATT Wax Block,1 lb, Green Hard large, wax carving. Green Wax - Rigid; cuts clean and ..


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