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  • Labradorite Faceted Badamche Drops - Singles

Labradorite Faceted Badamche Drops - Singles

  • 8101703B
  • £1.60per pc  exc.VAT

Labradorite often has metallic blue and green streaks which is often caused by interference of light from lattice distortions resulting from alternating microscopic. They are found in Canada, Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and the United States of America.  

Shape: Drops
Size: 13mm x 7.5mm 
Weight: 0.63 grams
Colour: Metallic grey/brown
Moh's hardness: 6-6½
Density: 2.65-2.75
Cleavage: Perfect
Refractive index: 1.559-1.570
Dispersion: 0.008

These single stones are all generally the same sizes and shapes, the pieces you order will be chosen at random.