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  • Aventurine Round No Hole Beads - 18mm Round

Aventurine Round No Hole Beads - 18mm Round

  • 8115219
  • £3.20per pc  exc.VAT

Aventurine usually has a dark green with glitter appearance, the glitter comes from fuchsite and hematite leaves. This stone can be found in Brazil, India, Austria, Russia and Tanzania. These no hole beads can be used for many purposes, decorative or jewellery. You can wire wrap these stones if you would like to connect them to pieces of jewellery or chains, make settings to hold them or use them as collection pieces. 

Shape: Round 
Size: 18mm 
Weight: 11.56 grams
Colour: Dark green with glittery flakes
Moh's hardness: 7
Density: 2.64 - 2.69
Cleavage: None
Refractive index: 1.544 - 1.553
Dispersion: None