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  • 3M Anti-tarnish Tabs 1''x1'' pack of 50

3M Anti-tarnish Tabs 1''x1'' pack of 50

  • 3M
  • 8004445
  • £4.65 per item  exc.VAT

3M Anti-tarnish Tabs 1''x1'' pack of 50. Made in USA.

These Anti-tarnish Tabs have been impregnated with 3M`s Tarni-Shield technology which protects metals from tarnishing by absorbing sulphides and other pollutants in the air which cause tarnishing to occur. They will protect silver, gold, copper, bronze, nickel, tin and plated metals; for everything from jewellery to musical instruments.

One Tab Protects for approx. 6 Months! Easy to use ! Place near polished metal in an enclosed area such as jewellery cases, storage bags or boxes, silverware chests, musical instrument or trophy cases. Store unused tabs in a sealed, airtight bag.