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  • Agate Druzy Chunky Oval "Cab" Beads, Coated

Agate Druzy Chunky Oval "Cab" Beads, Coated

  • 8100095
  • Regular Price: £40.00per strand  exc.VAT
  • Special Price:£20.00per strand exc.VAT

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Agate was originally found in the River Achates in Sicily, this is where its said to have got its name from. It can be found all over the world but dominantly in Africa, Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Nepal and the United States of America.

The gemstone is believed to be a powerful emotional healer which improves memory and concentration. It is said to be beneficial to Geminis as it helps them to remain calm and focused under pressure. People have also said it helps to prevent insomnia and creates pleasant and enjoyable dreams, protecting oneself from danger. 

(Top in pic info):

  • Bead size: 19.4mm x 15.4mm x11.1mm
  • Weight of 1 bead6 grams
  • Weight of string: 109 grams
  • String length42 centimeters 
  • Hole size: 1mm
  • Number of beads on 1 string: 18 beads
  • Color: Gold
  • Supplied as: String

(Bottom in pic info):

  • Bead size: 22mm x 17.7mm x 14mm
  • Weight of 1 bead8 grams
  • Weight of string:  129 grams
  • String length: 39centimeters 
  • Hole size: 1.1mm
  • Number of beads on 1 string: 15 beads
  • Color: Orange 
  • Supplied as: String