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Topaz Beads

Topaz Beads

Topaz- hardness 8, birthstone of November and Astrological stone for Sagittarius. Colour: colourless, pale yellow, pale blue, pink. Topaz- name comes from Greek word topazion which may originate from Sanskrit tapas meaning fire. Normally a dark yellow colour, topaz crystals comes in shades of pink, blue, clear. The most sought after colours are pale pink and honey coloured, pale blue crystals are normally irradiated with gamma rays to darken the colour. Commercial name London Blue Topaz- Topaz with deep sky blue colour. Topaz is found all over: Brasil, Sri lanka, Russia, America, Mexico, Australia. 

Blue Topaz Badamche / Briolette Beads

Blue Topaz Badamche / Briolette Beads, Beads measure approx 10mm x 9mm and the length per ..


£120.00 per strand