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  • Golden Rutilated Quartz Small Mixed Shape Stones, Undrilled

Golden Rutilated Quartz Small Mixed Shape Stones, Undrilled

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Rutilated Quartz are found in a large number of countries, although the most common places are Madagascar and Brazil. There are many types of Rutilated Quartz, all of which are usually made up of the clear quartz and smoky quartz. The Golden Rutilated Quartz, also known as the Angel's Hair Quartz, is very distinguishable with its small needle-like threads within the stone.

It is said that the Golden Rutilated Quartz is made for healing and producing constructive thoughts and feelings, it is the stone that helps you let go of bad memories and cleanse the aura of negative energy. It is even believed to enhance telepathic abilities like physic communication. 

This collection of stones weighs on average approximately 15 grams and differ in size, roughly between 28mm - 47mm. They have a 1.2mm hole drilled through.