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  • Agate Cut Stone, Pink , Oval, 7 x 9 mm

Agate Cut Stone, Pink , Oval, 7 x 9 mm

  • 8110831
  • £4.00  exc.VAT

Agate is a banded shell-like chalcedony, sometimes containing opal substances. The bands can be multi-coloured or of the same colour. German Agates have soft to strong colours (e.g. pink, red or brown) and are separated by bright gray bands. The South American Agates are a dull gray and without any special markings. 

Shape: Oval

Size: 7x9mm

Weight: 0.35g

Colour: Pink

Moh's hardness:  6½ - 7

Density: 2.60 - 2.64

Cleavage: None

Refractive index: 1.530 - 1.540

Dispersion: None